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    SubjectRe: devfs
    david parsons writes:
    > In article <>,
    > Michael O'Reilly <> wrote:
    > >As a sanity check: How many people would seriously want to run NTFS as
    > >root filesystem?
    > I want to run a MSDOS filesystem as a root filesystem; it's a cheaper
    > filesystem for a floppy than ext2 is, and the kernels I build only
    > have support for MSDOS, iso9660, and ext2 in them. (And, even with
    > ext2, having a devfs (with major and minor numbers, of course; a devfs
    > without those is, I'm afraid, useless for me.) means I don't have to
    > carry around nearly as many devices in /dev for booting a install/
    > recovery floppy.)

    Why do you want major&minors in a devfs?



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