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Subject2G file size limitation question
this message is not about development, but rather customization of the

as far as i can tell, the ext2 filesystem code limits files to a maximum
of 2G (although i haven't yet found _exactly_ where this limit is set...).

we have a need to use files larger than 2G (ugh, dont ask - we also need
to bump our machine up from 512M to 1G or more of memory...), so i have a
couple of questions:

- why is there a 2G limit?
- can the 2G limit be _safely_ increased (to, say, about 5G)?
- if so, what changes are needed in the ext2 code to do it?

the machine in question is running a pre-something version of 2.0.31. i
wouldn't mind moving to a newer 2.0.x kernel, if need be.

thanks a lot.


Matthew Nelson
Dynamics Technology, Inc.
21311 Hawthorne Blvd., Suite 300, Torrance, CA 90503-5610
Voice: (310) 543-5433 FAX: (310) 543-2117 Email:

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