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    SubjectRe: sysctl, ip_forward[ing],
    Date (Alan Cox) writes:

    > > fact was documented somewhere, e.g. by adding a sentence like
    > > You have to enable IP forwarding by doing
    > > echo "1" > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward
    > > (cc to Axel, just in case there will be a 2.0.34;
    > This isnt correct. In 2.0.x you have to set forwarding at compile time
    > unless using some vendors magically tuned krnel

    Someone incorporated my old ip_forward sysctl patch into 2.0.30 (it
    wasn't me, I'm not to blame). The compile time option selects only the
    default too, so if the kernel is compiled with IP_FORWARD it'll do the
    right thing at runtime. Setting of the sysctl is only needed when
    CONFIG_IP_FORWARD isn't enabled.

    If the documentation Andries is refering too doesn't specify that the
    kernel needs to be compiled with CONFIG_IP_FORWARD it was all always

    I think the change in 2.0.30 was good thing though. RFC1122 requires that
    IP forwarding is turned off by default, and it is inconvenient for
    distributions like RedHat or SUSE to require a kernel recompile
    just to enable routing or to ship two kernel binaries. The sysctl is a
    much better alternative.


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