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    SubjectMysteriously disappearing 2.0.33

    this is not really a bug report, but more or less a shot in the dark, as
    I don't know what really happened. Here's the setup:

    Linux 2.0.33 fairly generic, gcc
    ISDN Subsystem (Elsa card), i82371PIIX enabled,
    AHA2940, 3 disks, 3c59x v.0.46C for 3c590 Vortex.
    96MB Ram

    This is our Internet server, housed by the provider (i.e. I don't have
    physical access), running on a UPS, weather was fine ...
    It's mainly running Apache 1.2.4 http with 23 virtual hosts. I have 25
    aliased interfaces on eth0, 8 isdn interfaces (rawip, hdlc), 3
    synchronous ppp interfaces and asynchronous ppp on 2 modems (16550).
    Apache Hitrate isn't too high, around 10K-20K per day. I'm using
    masquerading and firewalling, syn and rst cookies enabled. No real user
    accounts (except for me and some people right now in their holidays, but
    not active).

    The machine simply crashed after an uptime of 14 days. Nothing in the
    logs. It looks like one isdn interface and one asynchronous ppp
    interface were active at that time.

    Guess I recompile the kernel with the memory-leak patch? Anybody else
    has ideas?

    Klaus Lichtenwalder, Dipl. Inform., PGP Key: email to fax: +49-89-91072699
    No wonder nobody comes here--it's too crowded. -Yogi Berra

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