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SubjectRe: PROPOSAL: /proc/dev
On Sat, 3 Jan 1998, Richard Gooch wrote:

>The reason my scheme doesn't depend on kerneld is that if a driver is
>built-in/loaded by a boot script, the /dev entries for that driver are
>registered in the startup code. So, on a system like mine where all
>drivers are either built-in or automatically installed by a boot
>script, /dev would be fully populated. An attempt to open(2) an entry
>in /dev which did not exist would cause devfs to return -ENODEV
>because kerneld isn't running.

- You could implement that more easily without use kerneld.

- I think this is totally wrong for programs or people that check in /dev
for a device before try to open it, or at least is a mess.

- If you want to make something useful, your devfs must be populated from
_all_ kernel devices at boot with 600 permission and it must not remove
device entry for some reason. It can add/remove devices from the
filesystem only when you load/unload a kernel module.

- Since devfs should be a virtual device that forget permission and
ownership at reboot (or after module unload) it will make the life hard
and less efficient in the rcS.d scripts. I' d like to chown directly
/dev/devname on ext2, instead of change a bootup script or adding the
line "option modname chmod 644 /dev/modname; chown ..." in /etc/conf.modules.
I don' t like something of only virtual.

Andrea[s] Arcangeli

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