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SubjectRe: glibc-2.0.6/kernel-2.1.82 interface problem
"Michael L. Galbraith" <> writes:

> I finally decided that I needed to take the dreaded plunge to glibc6.
> Upon completion, I recompiled Bonnie to see what timing differences
> might crop up. The results were pretty disturbing when compared to
> libc-45.4.43 performance, so I dug in with strace.

If the program would be written correctly you wouldn't see such a
difference. getc is supposed to be thread safe. If you know you
don't have any problems with threading you have to use getc_unlocked.
The same for putc.

-- Uli
---------------. drepper at ,-. Rubensstrasse 5
Ulrich Drepper \ ,-------------------' \ 76149 Karlsruhe/Germany
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