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SubjectRe: Suspend broken on a thinkpad
>>>>> "John" == John Goerzen <>:
John> Hi, I just got a new Thinkpad 310ED (133 MMX). Of course, I
John> quickly took Windows down to size and installed Linux.

John> I've installed the pcmcia utilties and got them working without
John> problems.

John> But the power management features don't seem to work under Linux,
John> but they do under Windows 95.

John> Specifically, the suspend feature (write all memory to disk and
John> shut off) doesn't work. The LCD will briefly turn off, and then
John> will beep and turn right back on and cause some hard disk
John> activity for a bit.

On my TP560 I had one thing bugging me for a long time -- if IRQ 9 was
made available to the pcmcia-cs package, then at some point machine
refused to hibernate. Not really predictable, e.g. it would happily
hibernate 20 times and then suddenly refuse. Usually just when I was in
*real* hurry :-)

So, you might take a look at that.

And BTW, for the ThinkPad 560 owners: anybody got suspend to work (not
hibernation, not standby, SUSPEND == fn-f4) ? My machine w/Linux happily
suspends and then never wakes up. I can open&close the screen, tap the
keys, etc, no go. Nada. Have to disconnect AC and remove the batteries.


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