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    SubjectRe: [RFC]: linux/drivers/compression
    On Thu, 15 Jan 1998 Chris Evans <> wrote:

    > Compression is used in the kernel a fair bit currently (CVF? ppp, etc),
    > and the usage of it can only continue (e2compr on the horizon).
    > Perhaps we can save duplicated code by putting the compression routines in
    > a common place, maybe linux/drivers/compression

    Um. It *should* be in one place. See for example linux/lib/inflate.c.
    But the addition of various drivers (ftape, slip) has resulted in a
    scattering (and in some cases, duplication) of the compression code.

    I was, honestly, surprised to see that there wasn't a linux/lib/deflate.c
    to do gzip compression. Does anyone know why?

    > Perhaps
    > it would be worthwhile maintaining a patch to add encryption routines to
    > the kernel (CAST-128, etc)., and keeping it on a ftp site off US soil.

    Well, I've been maintaining the patch, in association with a loopback
    driver patch to support encrypted mounts. It's running on my 2.1.79
    kernel. But I'm inside the US, which is a bad thing.

    IIRC, the linux kernel is *very* cautious about even *mentioning* any type
    of crypto because of the *extremely stringent* French crypto laws.
    Putting crypto hooks of any kind in the kernel could prevent French
    citizens from using Linux.
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