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SubjectRe: SCSI naming scheme: I've almost decided
Erik Andersen wrote:
> I would prefer keeping cdrom devices seperate, personally. Shall we put
> all floppy disks in /dev/disk too? I really think that having a shallow
> directory tree in /dev that groups devices by _type and function_ would be
> most useful, i.e:
> /dev/disk
> /dev/cdrom
> /dev/floppy
> /dev/scanner
> /dev/input/keyboard
> /dev/input/mouse
> /dev/input/joystick
> /dev/camera
> /dev/video
> /dev/sound
> /dev/sound/midi
> /dev/sound/sequencer
> /dev/sound/dsp
> etc...
> In each category would go devices of that type regardless of whether the
> underlying interface was via scsi, ide, parport, pci card, or whatever.
> Combining this with the devfs would allow a user to easily check all
> installed equipment by simply doing a 'ls -R /dev', without needing to
> know that a /dev/[insert random looking alpha-numerics] is a [some device
> type]. What do you think?

I think this is a *really* good idea, when GGI comes up /dev/graphics
would be
added, but, as someone already said, Richard has the sources ...
Richard? ;)


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