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SubjectRe: devfs
> This naming scheme should be used for 'non-disk' scsi devices top. Please
> dont put them in /dev/disk or anything.. But please do lose the sd_

Actually, putting them in /dev/dsk is good because when raw device support is available,
the devices will be created in /dev/rdsk, like Solaris. I hate the obscure logical
to hardware naming scheme that Solaris uses, but we can at least take some of the
non-braindamaged stuff from Solaris and reimplement it. The whole point of creating
canonical names for SCSI devices is to make it more standard among OSes, putting every
driver in /dev is ugly, makes directory scans unneccessarily lengthy, and doesn't
present a logical, consistent, and abstracted interface.


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> > --Jauder

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