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SubjectRe: devfs

>> This whole debate is just screaming "CONFIG OPTIONS!!!"
>> Solaris SCSI Device Name Compatibility [y/N]:
>> Linux Old-style SCSI Name Compatibility [Y/n]:
>> Custom SCSI Naming [y/N]:
> [...]
>I think a standard naming scheme like sd_h0c0i0l0p2 will have to be
>enforced (i.e. no config option), and the old scheme available as a
>config option, and that's what I'll support. We need a simple,
>understandable standard that works for everybody. It may not satisfy
>everybody, but it will work.

Agreed. If we have a single device naming standard, any sysadmin is
guaranteed to have consistent device names across all Linux machines
they may encounter. Multiple naming schemes (and particularly custom
naming at the whim of the kernel compiler) break this in a big way.

For those of us that make money from Linux consulting, going into a
site and saying "I'm sorry, this will take more time (and hence money)
than normal while I try and work out your device naming scheme" isn't
going to cut it.


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