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SubjectRe: devfs
rgooch@atnf.CSIRO.AU said:
> I recall someone telling me that Solaris "stripes" are not actually
> partitions. Their strips fit inside a "real" partition. Is that
> correct? I don't really find the "s" clear.

Solaris stripes do indeed reside inside partitions (a bit like extended
partitions). However, solaris (on x86) only allows one partition to be active
at any one time and that's the one to which all devices on that disc refer, so
the in the cXtXdXsX there is no mention at all of partition. Solaris does
also allow you to have a partition view of the disc via cXtXdXpX but you can't
see the slice view inside any partition other than the one active one.

I can envisage a situation where linux might want ...p2s4 (shared solaris x86
and other extended partitions), but as this will be very much the exception,
I'd stick to a trailing ...pX for the standard.

James Bottomley

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