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SubjectRe: devfs

On Mon, 12 Jan 1998 08:34:47 GMT, John G. Alvord wrote:

>The use of letters like h and d is rather English-centric for the exact
>physical name. A pure dot/dash/underline separated physical name
>would require less to explain for non-Englishspeakers.

Well so is sd.....but a good point. No real need for the letters. In fact
if this system is expanded to include other types of devices (IDE for
instance) it can just become confusing, especially when it comes time to
parse it.


MSB<-LSB, nice, simple, extendable, logical. Make some symlinks that are
more verbose if need be.....

Back to the directories....I think one is going to be enough. Breaking it
all down more seems nice at first glance but looks like a nightmare to
actually deal with.

Something like.....

ide/ ->
sd/ ->

To even further kill this idea : > why not add one or two extra place
holder bits, simply visual in nature, so the same scheme can be used across
all furture devices without having to worry much about running out of

ide/ ->
sd/ ->

sd/ == sd_h1c1i3l0s5

ide/ == hdh3
ide/ == hdc4
ide/ == hda6
ide/ == hdb

Again symlinks can make it all pretty.....

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"The only way to stay cutting edge, is to design for things that do not yet
exist." -- Me : )

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