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SubjectSlightly broken MIME attachments in the linux-kernel-digest
I receive linux-kernel-digest, rather than linux-kernel, in an attempt
to save on phone bills.

I've noticed that some people post MIME file attachments occasionally.
Though Linus has complained about these in the past, I find my
mailreader (Mutt) works well with these.

Unfortunately, the digest generator discards Content-Type: headers,
which results in a MIME message not being decoded as such. (The
generator is supposed to discard just about all the headers).

For messages without attachments, this is probably a good idea, to keep
the size of the digest down. However when an attachment is involved
(clue: the message has a MIME type of multipart/*), it'd be nice if the
original Content-Type: header was included. This isn't trivial
(i.e. reliable) to regenerate (with procmail), because of the
"boundary=..." text which is different for each message.

Anyone know who to ask to request this?

-- Jamie

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