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SubjectRe: devfs patch v3

On Mon, 12 Jan 1998 17:27:18 +1100, Kevin Lentin wrote:

>On Sun, Jan 11, 1998 at 06:49:04AM -0500, Dave Cinege wrote:
>> Long ago I brought this up and also was looking for a way to access
>> partitions by their label (which FAT, and ext2 support). This removes the
>> possibility of partition shift and an unbootable/screwed up system if the
>> disks get changed.
>One problem (even with my solution which was to store a table on the disk)
>is that, in the case of a kerneld system, the kernel doesn't know which
>driver to probe to find a disk it doesn't know about. If I mount /dev/sda6,
>the kernel knows to go get sd and scsi but if I mount /dev/usr it can have
>no idea. And going and probing all possible devices half defeats the point
>of kerneld. One possible solution is a mapping in conf.modules. Like
>alias filesystem_device_usr sd
>alias filesystem_device_mnt_cdrom sr
>But it, once more, requires you to tell the system where the drives are
>which defeats the purpose.

Can't kerneld be made to check if it is a symlink and then query the
destination? Sure...

Also this is not really a solution for something you load on an off with a
module. I'm talking about being able to easily add, remove, or change,
drives and partitions with little hassle. This would be especialy useful in
RAID scenarios. Infact I think they do something like this already but it
is specific to the RAID.

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