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SubjectRe: Kernel NFSd problems
From said:
> The kernel NFS server in recent kernels is seriously broken.

Don't I know it!

> If you are not in development (or experimentation) mode, I'd suggest using
> the older user mode NFS server.

I couldn't get that to stay up for long, either. It usually says things like
"Ack! Gack! svc_run returned!" and mountd quits. This is the mountd which came
with Red Hat 4.2 - I tried upgrading it once, a while ago, but couldn't find a
newer one, and a recompile didn't help.

Is anyone running a stable NFS server on 2.1.5x kernels?

David Woodhouse, CB3 9AN Tel: 0976 658355
( Tel: 01279 402332 )

(Use the former; I'm going back to College next week.)

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