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SubjectRe: EPP+ECP ppa resets
On Wed, 24 Sep 1997, Antonio Dell'elce wrote:

>Sometime Tim said:
>* On Tue, 23 Sep 1997, Juhani Rautiainen wrote:
>* > I could set irq with insmod. Now everything seemed to be fine from
>* > parport side but doing insmod ppa reboots machine in less than one
>* Hi Juhani,
>* Try using a newer PPA driver -- David's latest release (1.36 I think)
>* should be available on somewhere.
>* Tim.
>* */
>yep, doing insmod ppa rebooted my machine really fast...
>but trying different things... I compiled 'lp' as module, ...
>retried insmod ppa and it rebooted too
>*BUT* if you *DISABLE LP* i.e. do a killall lpd; rmmod lp
>doing an insmod ppa won't reboot your machine and the IoMega ZiP will
>work well
>anyway, afterward I had problems with making lp relive....
>mmhh.. will check latest ppa driver anyway ... :)

I fixed this problem some weeks ago, but my patch is not yet added in the
official ppa.

My patch is against kernel 2.1.56 and you can found it in my homepage under the name ppa_parport patch.

Please try it and tell me if it works.

Andreas Arcangeli

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