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    SubjectRe: New VGER CVS snapshot available, EXCITING!
    On Sep 15,  1:15pm, David S. Miller wrote:
    > Subject: New VGER CVS snapshot available, EXCITING!
    >-- End of excerpt from David S. Miller

    Does anyone know for any snapshot for the SPARC platform that is more up to
    date than the sparclinux-2.0.30.tar.gz on vger?

    The pre-patches don't like the sparclinux-2.0.30 tree, even after I try to
    fixup any rejects I see.

    OR does anyone (linus 'n the boys?) have a directory of smaller patches, (I
    really want networking stuff) so I can try folding in the pieces I need one by
    one? I have a feeling that a lot of it would go in okay, but as a whole, the
    prepatches applied to the sparc tree just messes up a lot of things.

    By the way. Why does is a very platform independant thing like networking
    different in the sparc tree.

    Maybe, with rumours of a 2.0.32, the non-intel platforms could get a syncing
    with the linux tree? (I can hear the groans.)

    I will gladly test anything anyone has. I'd fix it myself, but I still have a
    lot of learning to do.

    Joe '21 year old sysadmin with no post-secondary education' Hohertz

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