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SubjectRe: FAT binaries and Linux

Hmm.. Since most linux stuff runs with a recompile (as long as the code
isn't very dumb).. This would be very nice.. Even if we couldn't get
shared data to work, the frequent use of shared libs can keep the code
size down.. And ofcourse there would be a lard removing command, that
would de-fat elfs.. (Linux could call it swo (santa's work out)).. :)

Then you could clame that Linux can use the same bins accross all
platforms.. :)

On Wed, 17 Sep 1997, Mikko Ala-Fossi wrote:

> So one has to create binfmt_felf ?
> Do existing implementation of "FAT binaries" share data between
> binary types?
> Would there be any use for data and code sharing?
> Of course integers and such depend on byte-order, integer sizes
> and alignment, but strings are usually shareable. With code sharing
> it would be possible to have only critical functions optimized
> for specific processor (386, 486, pentium, pro) and have anything
> else shared. Code sharing would also allow usage of same fat binary
> with multiple operating systems so that platform independent code
> exists only once.
> -mikko

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