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SubjectRe: /proc/pci design idea
>>>>> "SW" == Stephen Williams <> writes:

SW> said:
>> If you have to use a program to read the files, why bother with
>> /proc at all? A kernel call is faster.

SW> Hm... that is true. Only glitch is finding all the pci devices
SW> that exist.

SW> I could SCAN all the numbers (pretty grizzly) or I can change
SW> /proc/pcibus to simply be a file with 16bit numbers (bus/dev/fn)
SW> in it. Is there a better way?

Make a system call that returns an array of 16 bit numbers?

I prefer having /proc as it is, but binary files in /proc join the
disadvantages of /proc (overhead) and kernel calls (the need for
special programs to access the information). So please either make
files human-readable or just get rid of them altogether.


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