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    SubjectRe: New pre-2.0.31 patches..
    > Turned out to be entirely because of Wide Negotiation turned on in the
    > BIOS.

    Wasn't this mentioned before? ;-)

    Some devices will choke on a wide negotiation message. The driver
    will accept a rejection message from the device and disable wide
    negotiation causing no ill-effect. But if the drive doesn't respond
    with a message reject, the command probably timesout which is more
    difficult to deal with.

    > > You should enable this. SCAM stands for, I believe, SCSI Configured
    > > Auto-Ma[gt]ically. The SCSI BIOS on the adapter will attempt to
    > > probe the SCSI bus at boot up in a SCAM compliant manner. When your
    > > machine boots, does SCSI BIOS see it?
    > I enabled it, but it appears to not support it. The drive is a couple of
    > years old; possibly before its time.. Is this what the Sun drives use to
    > configure IDs automatically?


    > I now get term power from all drives. There doesn't seem to be that
    > option on my Tosh 5701 internal CDROM, though. It just says 'Power' and I
    > left it jumpered.

    > Active terminators? External and internal? Apparently you only have one
    > of the two chains used internally? Active termination simply refers to
    > the drive providing termination via actual resistors, correct? Passive
    > would be provided by the controller only, right?

    Check out

    I use an active terminator on my external (wide) box. I also
    use an internal in-line 50-pin active terminator at the end
    of my internal (narrow) SCSI cable.

    Dan Eischen

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