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    Subjecthow are >8bit filesystems translated into kernel?
    On Wed, 20 Aug 1997, Erik Corry wrote:

    [sum: Linux already standardized on UTF-8 internally -
    read usr/src/linux/Documentation/unicode.txt]

    > > This is _JUST_ for 16bit+ filesystems. Not 8bit filesystems like ext2 or
    > > the like.
    > As far as I understood, ext2 had already been standardised on UTF-8.
    > Of course most (all?) of the effects of this decision take place
    > in user space, so people are free to do something else if they really
    > want to. Especially people who prefer an 8-bit standard (no '/' issue).

    So, to ask the question I was really looking for:

    How are >8bit filesystems translated into 8bit in the kernel?
    vfat? (seems to drop hi byte? <ow>)
    ntfs? [don't have source for this one]
    any others? (not that I can think of any others)

    [My suggestion of translating -> UTF-8 would only occur on reading the
    filename. On VFAT who cares about speed, but NTFS it might matter (if it
    was ever adopted into the kernel)]

    Hmm- maybe that alias system could be used to store native filenames +
    translated form so kernel understands it?

    Actually, I'm largely only curious about this for my document on porting
    Linux to other platforms (not other countries) - and the issue of >8bit
    can (and has) come up.

    > Even without a big discussion on linux-kernel. Hint, hint.

    Hint taken <g>... I was asking for something else and hit a KNOWN holy
    war <sigh>

    On another (possibly dangerous) tangent:

    (incidentally, the only encoding formats I have info on are Unicode-2.0
    [UTF-8 + brethren], EUS, JIS, SJIS, and the archaic IBM-PC native format).
    Can anyone give me any pointers to others? (like latin-1,latin-2,...)
    [I can't afford books and there is no library within 500km+ that has this
    kind of info (or just about any info actually) - the internet is my only

    reply personal only si vous plait <sp>?

    TIA and G'day, eh?
    - Teunis

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