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    SubjectRe: OSS 3.8a: SB32 not detected by lowlevel driver
    > > Ummm...then this is a driver problem right? This has nothing to do
    > > with PnP as far as I can see - the old non-PnP cards would have the
    > > same problem right?
    > Non-PnP SB32s don't have this problem.

    Oh, so it was a PnP kludge :-(

    > You are right in that a driver is
    > required to initialize AWE32 properly. There is currently just a non-PnP
    > AWE32 driver in the kernel and it can't do that.

    Yea! That's the answer I was looking for! Thanks! :-)

    So is the latest driver on Iwai's site PnP aware?

    > Unfortunately the ISA PnP spec is so
    > limited that it was not possible to express all requirements of the
    > hardware using it.

    I never said the specs were flawless! Far from it!

    The PnP specs leave too many things optional, and don't even indicate
    the proper timings required for device isolation! [There is some
    timing info scattered through the documents, but GUESSING is still
    required.] Better documentation AND example code (even pseudo-code)
    would help a lot. Basically, the PnP specs are the worst docs
    I've ever seen for such an important standard :-(

    Then there are the cards that don't come close to conforming, and
    require specific hacks :-(

    Don't even get me started on the PnP-Serial spec, which is quite
    possibly the stupidest PnP spec of them all.

    Andrew E. Mileski

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