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    SubjectRe: OSS 3.8a: SB32 not detected by lowlevel driver
    > I have tried the 2.1.43 kernel with the AWE32 support.
    > My soundcard is a SB32 with 512kB RAM (SIMM) installed in the
    > sockets. My card does not have the "Advanced Signal Processor, AWE",
    > but otherwise has the EMU8000 stuff.

    The early versions of the AWE code were a bit tempermental about detecting
    AWE cards.. it would randomly find my non-PnP AWE32 with random amounts of

    The newer versions of the AWE haven't been folded into the kernel yet and look
    much cleaner (although I haven't tried them since I had to give back the card
    to my parents :( )

    Check the website listed in the AWE readme.

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