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SubjectRe: OSS 3.8a: SB32 not detected by lowlevel driver
On Mon, 18 Aug 1997, Ulrich Windl wrote:

> To clarify the issue: Even though I don't understand why, it seems I
> have to use the "isapnp" even though I have a working (I think) PnP
> BIOS. The only surprising think I learned about the SB32 is that it
> is detected as three independent devices. Maybe BIOSes just look for
> one device per card. Honestly: I don't know.
You have to use isapnptools with the EMU8000 synth even if you have
perfectly working PnP BIOS. SB32AWE PnP is implemented in a way that
simply can't be handled properly by BIOS (unless it's specifically
programmed to handle all current and future SB32/64 PnP models). The
EMU8000 device has three I/O ports that must be set to proper offsets
starting from the first one. The PnP ISA spesification doesn't support
this kind of setup so just the first port is listed in the resource data
of the card. After BIOS the second and third ports are left uninitialized
and the EMU8000 device doesn't work. The setup procedure is explained in

> > > Still the SB32 can play 32 or 30 (two needed for RAM refresh) voices
> > > (I think the older types can play less). Thus it would be good to
> > > detect the SB32/EMU8000 even outside the lowlevel driver.
> > There is just one type of EMU8000 ever released. Even the oldest AWE32
> > cards have the same capabilities than the latest AWE64 Gold. The
> > difference is in the way how the RAM is plugged in.
> Another clarification: With "older types" I meant SB, SB Pro, and SB
> 16 that have less voices (at least I always thought). And I
> concluded: If the card is not detected as SB32 the maximal number of
> voices won't be enabled.
Older cards don't have EMU8000 synth chip but just an OPL3 or OPL2. The
AWE32 driver will not work with them even if EMU8K detection routine is

Best regards,

Hannu Savolainen ( (Open Sound System (OSS)) (OSS Free/TASD/VoxWare)

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