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Subjectpre-patch 6 breaks/hurts buslogic scsi
First of all a qualification, I'm d/ling #7 on another page as I type this so
it might be fixed there.

I'm running the Buslogic driver with a BT542BH. I normally run with the card
driver and disk driver in the kernel with tape and cdrom as modules. I've
tried various combinations (everything modules - initrd, my usual, and right
now I'm compiling everything non-module). From this I found 2 problems.

1> Everything that gets compiled as a module reports a symbol mis-match
during boot and won't load.
2> With initrd and everything as a module, the card driver does the same
thing as #1 so nothing gets loaded.

I'll post a followup when the current compile gets done and I can boot with
it. Oh, on this one I also didn't drop out the extra Buslogic stuff (for
the newer cards)

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