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    SubjectRe: Bogomips
    ok for us uneducated but learning pepole can you explain this
    benchmark what is it what software and what it rates I have never
    heard of this before sorry for asking but I must know being a power
    user who loves to know whats happening I wanna bench my p-266 and my
    p-166 :).

    On Sat, 16 Aug 1997 06:34:44 +0100, you wrote:

    >lists wrote:
    >> I've got a Pentium 60/66 with a Bogomips rating of 20.30
    >> I take it that's abnormal; I can't change the CPU Cache settings from the
    >> BIOS. Anyone have any suggestions?
    >Why do you think that it's abnormal?
    >FWIW, I have a Pentium 120, Bogomips rating of 47.92.

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