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SubjectRe: pre-5 Aiih!
> Hello!
> When using the aic7xxx with 31 tagged commands, I sometimes get timeouts
> resulting in 'Aiih's. This is very annoying if I had a crash and 'e2fsck'
> craches over and over again...
> Using just 8 tagged commands seems to work fine. Where can I adjust these
> timeouts?

You may want to listen in to the mailings on As it
stands I'm in the middle of writing a patch to fix the abort/reset
processing as well as it adds a bottom half handler to the interrupt service
routine to avoid high latencies in the interrupt processing that can result
in the QOUTFIFO over flowing. Dan Eischen has already released one fix for
the QOUTFIFO overflow problem (sent to Linus just a few days ago), but it is
a spin lock and somewhat less elegant from the standpoint that it doesn't
actually solve the latency problem. The final code will probably have my
bottom half handler as well as the safety of a spin lock backup both in
there. I'm also doing what I can to make sure we aren't getting bogus
information from anyplace, which would result in the Aiee: type messages you
mention. I expect to have the first publically available abort/reset fixes
available for testing by either late tonight or sometime tomorrow.

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