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    Subjectre. multiple ext2fs partitions.

    I'll reask the question I meant to ask...

    Is anyone working on making Linux use labels inside a Linux fdisk DOS
    partition (be it primary or logical in an extended partition) so that
    you can have > 1 ext2fs partition per fdisk/DOS partition ? (That is
    similar to how BSD/Solaris do it, so I allocate 1 Linux partition and
    then segment that up into swap, /, /usr. etc).

    p.s. most of the replies I already received said use an extended partition
    and create multiple Linux partitions in that, which I don't want to do.
    Being able to say "Here's a 600MB Linux partition, lets put /, swap and
    /usr in there" is what I'm curious about doing. Of, and of course, then
    be able to have several of those on the one disk, split up into multiple
    segments and all available at the same time :)

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