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SubjectRe: Memory Management - BSD vs Linux
On Sun, Aug 10, 1997 at 12:28:17PM -0400, Neil Moore wrote:
> > [1] FreeBSD uses a "Zone allocator" for kernel memory allocation.
> > NetBSD - I am not so sure.
> > Linux - Buddy system.
> Speaking of which, where can I find information on these methods? I
> have the Bonwick paper on the slab allocator, but nothing over any
> other methods (I am specifically interested in the buddy system).
Have a look at 'The Linux Kernel' available from your nearest sunsite
mirror... it's in the docs/linux-doc-project/linux-kernel/ directory. I
am pretty sure there is a description in there. also has some info on it
and reference the paper 'A fast storage allocator' in 'Communications
of the ACM'. I presume that the title gives away why it was chosen
for linux :) (There isn't a reference to a 'zone allocator' anywhere in
the index of, but I haven't read it yet)


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