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SubjectRe: patch for fs/dcache race

On Sun, 10 Aug 1997, Bill Hawes wrote:
> I would like to see the new name allocation removed -- the new name
> should be allocated by the client, so that the potential error can be
> reported. Then if the new name is passed in as a reference to a dentry,
> d_move can just steal the new name and swap the old name.

I made my current pre-patch available on Interested people
(ie Bill) can check out the wonderful new d_move(). Yes, it's impressive
(look at the generated assembly version too to see exactly _how_
impressive. Especially the hash switching is of the "job security code"

Whether it works is a totally different matter. I haven't dared try this
kernel out yet (I dislike trying out experimental new patches by rebooting
over the net and possibly having to drive in to fix it if it breaks). It's
entirely possible that there is something wrong with it, but I _think_ it
should be a "small forgotten detail" problem rather than anything


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