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SubjectRe: Memory Management - BSD vs Linux
> Hi,

> I am looking to compare the Memory management in BSD systems against
> linux. I have been muddling thru the linux and freebsd/netbsd code
> and have some notes and questions. I was wondering if some of you,
> who have been staring at the code longer than I have would share your
> knowledge with me.

> I'll jot down some of notes below. Please feel free to comment on
> them (please CC me on your replies but keep the discussion on the
> mailing list so that everybody can see the replies). Some of my
> notes may indeed be wrong or outdated. Please don't flame me on
> these. Just correct me instead!

:- First few items deleted - not commented on...

> [3] Can any of these systems have
> a) swap files rather than partitions
Linux absolutely can.
> b) dynamically growing swap space?
If you mean to dynamically grow the partition/file then no. If you
mean to dynamically add additional files/partitions then yes.

> As far as I can make out, the answeris no!

The answers are definitely yes and it-depends.

: - Remainder deleted, not commented on...

> -dj

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Interesting... I know of a lot of sites that block E-Mail from due spamming abuse...

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