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SubjectRe: Don't use 2.1.44
In article <>,
H. Peter Anvin <> wrote:
>Message from Linus (whose system is currently screwed):
>WARNING: Using Linux kernel 2.1.44 can cause fatal filesystem
>Seems like the new dcache code is, ahem, buggy...

[ My system is up and running again, and the screwage was actually not
very bad - it was just shown very clearly by a fsck that did a core
dump. Core-dumping fsck's tend to make me nervous ;]

Anyway, the jury is still out on 2.1.44, and I'd still like people to
test it out - but be aware that there is certainly some feature out
there that people of little faith would call a bug. So test at your own
risk (but I'd be very happy indeed if people test it out and mayhaps
help me find the problem).


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