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SubjectRe: running out of memory

On Sun, 6 Jul 1997, Marty Leisner wrote:

> I'm running hint...
> On systems without swap space, they crash (1.2 I recall had very
> bad behavior when you run out of memory).
> This is for 2.0.30 and 2.1.43...on both systems, running out of
> memory seems to cause a crash (a hangup, not a panic).
> Having a little swap space makes the problem go away (I'm running
> my main machine now a Pentium Pro with 96Mbyte of ram...I don't
> see a need for swap, but put in a little so I don't have this
> bad problem running benchmarks...

Everyone needs swap... Don't think because you got a lot of ram doesn't
mean you don't need a swap. I'd stick at least a 48 meg swap on that
thing, if not another 96.

> BTW -- linux sees only 64M without a MEM=96M line...win95 and the
> ROM seem to see it all...

Nothing new, you always gotta do this :)

> marty
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