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SubjectRe: 2.1.47 drivers/pnp corruption
> On Tue, 29 Jul 1997, Sid Boyce wrote:
> >I applied patch-2.1.47 and ended up with files of size zero bytes, next
> >downloaded the full sources and they were likewise the same. I've just
> >joined the mailing list, in case this has been answered here before.
> When I apply kernel patches then (sometimes) I do a `find /usr/src/linux
> -size 0 -name \*.[ch] | xargs rm` because a empty programming file is not
> an information.
> I don' t know if is the right way to do this, but works form me.
> A more secure way is left the empty files on the filesystem (if you want
> to be sure to don' t execute a `>/.../.../filename` if you get an error
> compiling the kernel :).

Easier: the options -E and --remove-empty-files remove empty files.
Or use make distclean to get rid of reject and backup files, too.


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