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SubjectRe: I2O, free software
Interesting problem happened to me yesterday.  We have 2 BusLogic 958's.
RedHat 4.1 (running linux 2.0.27) works just fine, no problems. We have
sda(1-7) as the root & stuff partitions and the others (sdb-sdf) using
md/raid0 for a news spool.

I install RedHat 4.2 (running linux 2.0.30) and get a kernel panic. It
seems that the new module for the BusLogic or the kernel itself reversed
which controller card to see first. However since the machine itself
didn't have this problem, LILO loaded just fine. Needless to say that
the swap partition (sda1) did not enjoy the attempted mounting as ext2,
probably about as much as the one raid drive (sdd) got confused over being
asked where sdd(1-7) were.

After many hours I finally broke down and reinstalled RedHat 4.1 until I
can find out what went so horribly wrong. Thought it might be the module
but I even tried replacing it with the the one from RedHat 4.1 without

Any ideas?

Roger Wilber *****
Logical Net ***** News Administrator
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