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SubjectRe: Kernel cpu selection + other platforms?
On Mon, 21 Jul 1997, Teunis Peters wrote:

> You're right, it IS easy..... providing you don't want any changes...
> [like 4(?) different optimizations for 6x86 and you don't want to run all
> of them]

Huh? Boot parameters maybe? A run time tool like set6x86? Half a dozen
lines of assembler against a full kernel recompile each time you want
a change?!?

> Thanks to CPU-detection being a LITTLE behind (what, no K6 or 6x86? no
> MMX? HUH?????) [nevermind - I KNOW this is fixed now - just making a
> point].... we sorta may end up needing this...

The current code is still lacking in CPU identification.

> FWIW - Can MMX be detected? Will it's PRESENCE be in /proc/cpuinfo? I'm
> planning on supporting it but I want to disable it if it isn't present....

Check the docs for any modern MMX cpu. It's in the CPUID flags.


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