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SubjectRe: Kernel cpu selection + other platforms?
On Sun, 20 Jul 1997, Richard A. Soderberg wrote:

> Well, with this, we could make an entire Processor toplevel category, then
> categorize it by something arbitrary (x86, DEC, whatever)... under x86, put:
> Intel, AMD, IBM, Cyrix. or 386, 486, Pentium, PPro, PII.
> Then list each processor for that company and it's associated optimizations
> and/or bugfixes... I'm not dealing with non-intel processors just yet..
> Don't know enough about them.

That's EXACTLY what I had in mind!
[I don't know much about non-intel processors either but browsing the
kernel source hasn't helped me figure out how to compile or run one of

.. I also thought CPU-specific optimizations[/dangerous bugfixes] should
be present too.... when needed. Obviously things like 'detect/correct
Pentium [pick your CPU] math bug' could always be present for x86....

Have a good week! :)
- Teunis

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