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SubjectRe: documenting the kernel [and some praise :-)]
On Thu, 17 Jul 1997, Andrew E. Mileski wrote:
> If you change the code, you change the docs. A simple rule that [forgive
> me, but its my opinion] only idiots break. It should be enforced too.

I don't think we can force anyone to document something they write, as
that would discourage people from submitting pieces of code. I don't think
we sohuld be calling anyone idiots either. But *requesting* that if
someone changes code, and the documentation then becomes out of date, then
they somehow flag the documentation as such. Maybe there should be a file
in linux/Documentation that lists the date/kernel version that each piece
of documentation was written for.

Alistair Riddell - BOFH
IT Support Department, George Watson's College, Edinburgh
Tel: +44 131 447 7931 Ext 176 Fax: +44 131 452 8594

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