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SubjectRe: 2.0.31 : please!
On Jul 16, Russell Coker - mailing lists account wrote:

> Do several compilation runs. To eliminate module problems you would
> need to compile many items as modules and into the kernel. When compiling
> low. I think that ~30 different kernel builds which are methodically
> designed will sort out many of these problems. That's probably 6 hours of
> work per kernel release, but if we split it up amoung a dozen people then
> it'll only be ~30mins each. Another advantage of splitting it up amoung 12
> people is that when a kernel is released the chance is that someone will
> complete their 30mins of testing within a few hours of the release and post
> the results. If something is seriously wrong then it should be found
> quickly and reported in enough detail that skilled people can fix it.

great theoretical concept!
what about volunteering yourself and organize the whole thing and proof that it's doable ???

find these 12 people (but don't forget ALPHA, SPARC, etc.!), coordinate your efforts
and convice Linus that you get his final patches before releasing.

maybe Linus would be fine with a policy that the patch automatically gets released
12 hours later if he doesn't get any severe bug reports or fixes which *have* to be
included... (but remember that if you find one bug every 12 hours we normal mortals
never will see a new kernel release anymore;)

any other statements like "THE developers should ..." or "YOU have to take care..."
shouldn't go to this developers list IMHO!

please get this threat shut down, it's repeating every few months now
with no result. either volunteer and make things better or forget about it!

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