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SubjectRe: problems with compiling 2.1.45-7
At 11:59 PM 7/16/97 +1200, Joseph Skinner wrote:
>I just tried compiling 2.1.45-7 and found that it fails with a
>multiple definition of d_drop.
>I can;t see why this is happening so I was wondering if anyone has
>found a patch for this yet.

d_drop (along with a bunch of other fn) is a inlined function in dcache.h.
One does not generally put functions in .h files, there is a reason for
this... Moving d_drop to fs/dcache.c and putting an extern def in dcache.h
worked for me. (along with hooked on foniks <G>). A patch for this and a
bunch of other stuff will be coming around 3 likely, I want to get enough
working for a usable (for me, that includes vfat) system, and am having
some problems getting fs/fat/cache.c updated to dcache stuff, there is some
inode/dcache/inode redirection that doesn't seem to make any sense (dealing
with file modes, I think; I'm in Win95 now, so I'll look when I re-boot to
linux). Explanation of the fields in the inode & dcache structs would be
helpful, esph. the pointers to other dcaches and inodes.

-=- James Mastros

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