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SubjectOPTi 82C611A IDE (EIDE ?) chip set
Hi Folks -

I was looking through the new options for the 2.1.xx kernels and stumbled
onto the support for the OPTi 82C621 EIDE chip set. One of my Linux boxes
(an old 486DX2 50) has a OPTi 82C611A IDE (EIDE maybe?) chip on the mother
board and i was wondering if this chip is fully supported in the 2.0.xx
kernels. Linux runs on the machine fine but I would like to know if it
is possible to do any fine tuning by passing boot parameters to the kernel.

Please respond direcly to me as I am not on this list.

Thank You.

Juan Casero
Evanseck Research Group
Department of Chemistry
University of Miami
Coral Gables, Florida
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/ / (_)__ __ ____ __
/ /__/ / _ \/ // /\ \/ / . . . t h e c h o i c e o f a
/____/_/_//_/\_,_/ /_/\_\ G N U g e n e r a t i o n . . .

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