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SubjectRe: Two Video Adapters - disable one?
Robert A. Yetman wrote:
> I just upgraded my Linux system with a new PCI video
> card, to replace the one built into my motherboard
> (also PCI). Now, Linux (2.1.44-pre3) and in particular
> XFree 3.3 are seeing both video Adapter. Xfree86 especially
> is still using the old video Adapter.
> Is there anyway via the kernel I can tell it to basically
> turn off/ignore the old video adapter. I've checked my
> BIOS & motherboard, and can't find anyway to do it there.
> It works fine in Win/Dos.

This thread has gone off on some huge tangents.

Anyway, looking from experience, "most" motherboards with built
in video also have a single jumper which disables the chip in the
event that you might want a real card. Even the lower end machines
ie. Packard Bell etc. have this "feature". The problem is that
it isn't always labeled, but is usually somewhere around where the
chip is, like say a Cirrus Logic, or whatever brand it is. I can't
imagine that it's completely impossible to disable, but a quick
call to the company that built your board should help.

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