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SubjectRe: kernel-managed /dev, revisited

> > Thid wouldn't be terribly hard to do. Well, not TERRIBLY hard. :)
> It wants to be done via user space except for rootfs though. I want to be
> able to do stuff like
> mount alan_home_dir:
> alan_home_dir: not found locally.
> alan_home_dir: found on NFS server backupbox:
> alan_home_dir: volume is password keyed
> password:
> None of that is hard in user space...

This is already done by the Berkeley AMD (do not know if the Linux
autofs supports something like this though).

The labels I am talking about are just supposed to be used for
physical block devices attached to the host.

So, you need a combination of features: on the machine hosting
alan_home_dir you use the volume labels to mount the disk in a well
known location. And you use an automounter map to access this file
system from the other machines on the network.


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