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SubjectRe: New pre-patch..

Ok, I made yet another pre-patch, and this time it actually does roughly
what it should do. The algorithm for freeing the dentries is still bad,
but at least it should be "correct" in that it doesn't forget dentries if
it can't immediately free them. I should add statistics gathering so that
we could see how many dentries there are and what the growth patterns

(Even better: I should show all the dentries under a "shadow dentry /proc"
tree or something, so that we could _see_ which paths are cached).

I hope the pre-patch-2.1.45-3 release might actually be usable to people:
it still doesn't allow unmounting, but at least I hope it doesn't have any
major memory leaks.. The unmounting issues should be reasonably easy to
fix now that the basic dentry release functionality exists.


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