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SubjectRe: intel penguin bootlogo
And lo, Michael Scott Shappe saith unto me:
> On Wed, 9 Jul 1997, Keith Rohrer wrote:
> > And lo, Michael Scott Shappe saith unto me:
> > > Clearly, what Linux needs is some funky key combination that will,
> > > when struck, generate penguins...
> > xv -maxpect -smooth -quit /usr/src/linux/Documentation/xterm-linux.xpm
> > (or whatever, if you've got a better penguin; use zgv if not under X)
> AH, but that only works *IF* you're using X. Many people live in
> console-land...
What part of "use zgv if not under X" didn't you understand? Mind you,
I don't remember that it supported xpm's, but you need a better penguin
than that for a large display anyway.


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