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SubjectRe: support of Universal Disc Format (UDF)?
On Sat, 7 Jun 1997, Harald Koenig wrote:

> On Jun 7, Lawrence Chim wrote:
> > Does Linux support the new Universal Disc Format (UDF)?
> what's the big advantage of UDF compared to ISO9660 + RockRidge ?
> RR is supported by *many* systems...

One very important thing to consider is that DVD drives use a data format
called "UDF Bridge", which is a combination of ISO-9660 and UDF. Although
at first DVD discs will probably use ISO9660, eventually they will use
UDF, although movie discs will use UDF from the start. So it might be
worth implementing UDF on Linux.

And while on subject: Anyone taking care of DVD-ROM drivers for Linux?
I hear they're been sold in the US nowadays for relatively little.


Shay Rojansky, Finger for PGP public key

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