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    SubjectRock Ridge FS (was Re: support of Univ'l Disc Format?)
    On Sat, 7 Jun 1997, Lawrence Chim wrote:

    > Does Linux support the new Universal Disc Format (UDF)?
    > ISO9660 have several limitations:
    > File names must be only in capital letters , A - Z.
    > File names are limited to the DOS 8 + 3 format.
    > No more than 8 directory levels.
    > Only legal character besides letters is the under score (_).
    > UDF does not have the name and directory restrictions that ISO9660
    > imposed and it supports packet writing.

    What you describe sounds like the Rock Ridge extension(s?) to ISO9660, and
    I'm pretty sure it's supported. I didn't think it was _that_ new,
    though... new being relative, of course. :-)


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