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SubjectRe: [offtopic] undeletable file on corrupted ext2 partion
On Wed, 4 Jun 1997, Stephen Beynon wrote:

> I have a ext2 partion that corrupted due to a hardware fault (since
> rectified :) - but I am left with a file that has been corrupted so that
> it looks like a symbolic link.
> rm returns
> rm: /bin/red: Operation not permitted
> when I try to rm the file as root - should this be possible ?
> e2fsck 1.10 claimed to have repaired the filesystem, and does not report
> any errors when I force it to run now.
> I am guessing that this is more of a problem with e2fsck rather than the
> kernel drivers so sorry for the off topic post.
> now where did I leave the filesystem editor :(
> Stephen

Same sort of problem here however I used the filesystem editor to "delete"
the said file. fsck'ed the system. Now I have another file on the system
with the same problem.
I left it alone at that point.
I was not sure where to post this problem however since the issue has been

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