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SubjectRe: APM power off fails

> Why would one not want to turn off power after system halt
> automatically?
> The halted system leaves 2 options: reboot and turning off power.
> The first you would rather achieve with 'shutdown -r now', the
> latter automatically with APM.
> For most people, you wouldn't. There are a couple of uses I can think of
> [...]
> I've also had faulty hardware which doesn't like being power-down EVER.
> True, both of these are somewhat contrived.

Yes, different people got different needs. Consider those of the notebook
community. I must admit that halting the system without power down is
useful to insert a boot disk; longer life expectance of hard disks
shouldn't be an issue in systems where the hard disk is also switched off
for power saving.
Any way, those who don't like automatic power down can disable it in
kernel configuration. All the same, it should be possible to _enable_ it
within a standard environment.

8-) fc

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